In collaboration with Roma Capitale and ATAC, the Roma Pass is born. In short, experiencing tourism in the city has never been so simple. Museums; then archaeological areas; finally, the symbolic monuments of the city, such as the Colosseum. You can choose when to use it and where to use it. Choose to use the Roma Pass Card with Ancient & Recent and you can visit the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, taking part in one of our innovative tours. Therefore, enter the promo code romapassvr before proceeding with the payment. You will have the advantage of 15% discount! Make sure you have the card with you to show it to our staff before the tour starts.

What is the Roma Pass?

Roma Pass is the card of the Municipality of Rome that allows you to visit the Eternal City, including, according to the package purchased, free transport and discounted admission to more than 30 museums and monuments. You can take advantage of many other discounts at the activities of members who have joined the Roma Pass. There are two types of cards: 48 hours Roma Pass and Roma Pass 72 hours. So, which are the museums included in Roma Pass? We find for example:

  • Circus Maximus;
  • Borghese Gallery tickets Roma Pass;
  • Roman forum;
  • Roma Pass Colosseum entrance;
  • Palatine Hill;
  • Mausoleum of Augustus;
  • Capitoline Museums;
  • Trajan’s Markets;
  • Ara Pacis Museum;
  • Sant’Angelo Castel;
  • Ostia Antica;
  • Caracalla

and much more. Using the Rome Pass with us you will have the opportunity to visit, in a completely innovative way, two of the symbolic monuments of the city of Rome: the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.


Have you ever seen a 37 meter high gilded bronze statue? Now you can do it for the first time. Put on the viewer and stroll around the Colosseum square, wandering around its most important monuments: the Arch of Constantine; the Meta Sudans; the Colossus of Nero and the Temple of Venus and Rome. He enters the arena second by witnessing a gladiator battle. He becomes the emperor for a day and chooses the fate of the wounded gladiator. Death or life? Finally, he walks through the gloomy dungeons, surrounded by the roar of the lions and the screams of the gladiators who wait their turn to go up to the arena and put on a show.

Circus Maximus

Trace the history of Rome from its origins. Meet Romulus who draws the sacred boundary of the city around the Palatine Hill and stroll the streets of Rome as an ancient Roman. See the first wooden amphitheaters, the Foro Boario with the livestock market. Then enter the Circus Maximus, choose the color of the horse, your team and start the race. Get on a chariot and drive! You have to make 7 laps around the plug to win the vial prize. Will you then be the winner of 1 million sesterces?

You can choose from a variety of Rome tours designed specifically to meet your every request and need. You decide the day and time of visit and we would be ready to meet you. Experience Rome like never before. Choose Ancient & Recent and one of our Rome Guided Tour to return home with a wealth of information and unforgettable emotions.

Where to buy the Roma Pass
Online. The collection must be made in one of the Tourist INFOPOINTS after 24 hours from the date of online purchase.
By calling the Call Center 0039 060608
In the museums of the circuit.
In the Tourist INFOPOINTS of Roma Capitale
ATAC resellers
At the Trenitalia ticket offices