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Virtual Reality Rome

Ancient&Recent, today, is the largest tourist reality to offer highly innovative Virtual Reality Tours throughout the national territory. What most distinguishes us from other Tour Operators is the desire to completely renew the concept of passive use of Cultural Heritage. All making the visit an interactive experience; emotional; and unforgettable. So, every tourist will feel fully involved. In addition, our tours are designed with the intention of entertaining and entertaining the public, regardless of age group and nationality. For this reason, you will be able to hear the narration in six different languages:

  • Italian;
  • English;
  • French;
  • German;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese.

Wearing the VR viewer, the spectator can choose whether to participate in a Colosseum Tour and enter the arena; or observe a battle between gladiators and decree its fate; he will be able to decide whether to virtually visit the Vatican and meet Michelangelo intent on painting the vault of the Sistine Chapel; finally, wear the viewer at the Circus Maximus and participate in a chariot race between accidents and clashes to win the final prize.

Virtual Reality will allow users to remember much more than classic tours. Scientific studies show that after two weeks, the human brain remembers 10% of what it reads; 20% of what you hear; but 90% of what it does.

Furthermore, in the didactic field, Virtual Reality allows students of all ages to learn faster and in a new way. Precisely for this reason, primary and secondary schools are our biggest supporters.

Our Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has great advantages for the development of new knowledge; for learning and especially participation. For this reason, it lends itself perfectly to an immersive experience of a cultural tourism type. In fact, a virtual immersion in the history of past eras will allow you to get to know the archaeological site you are visiting better. The Virtual Reality application allows you to listen and view information on the history and archaeological structure of the site while observing its reconstruction in a bygone era.

It is, therefore, a system that, thanks to Virtual Reality, keeps the attention and curiosity of the tourist high. No guided tour could do better. The involvement is such that you will feel like you are really there; you will feel like you are moving; you can touch and interact with the virtual scenario. Once you put on the VR viewer you will find yourself in a virtual world that you can manage yourself. In real time, you can move, stroll through the reconstructions and interact with virtual objects.

So, what are you waiting for? Book firstly a Virtual Reality Rome; secondly a Colosseum Tour; Circus Maximus; then Vatican and Sistine Chapel or Civita di Bagnoregio in VR. In conclusion, go home with a new and unforgettable virtual experience!

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