TTG Travel Experience

From 13 to 15 October 2021 Ancient & Recent will be present at the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini with its own stand inside the Regione Lazio Pavilion.

The TTG in Rimini is one of the largest Italian trade fairs dedicated to the promotion of tourism worldwide. Tour operator; tourism organizations; airline companies; international players will come together for three consecutive days to present their ideas, projects, and products for the 2022 season. Almost more than 200 scheduled events and more than 700 foreign operators. The event attempts to promote and commercialize the Italian tourist offer in the world.

The Minister of Tourism, Dario Franeschini, will inaugurate the 58th edition of the prestigious Tourism Fair in Italy.

“We are finally seeing positive numbers for tourism.” Garavaglia said. “This summer we had 84% of the rooms occupied in August”. Trust, therefore, opens the doors to the future.

Our products – Ancient & Recent

Our Tour Operator Ancient & Recent will present his projects to operators from all over the world: Colosseum in Virtual Reality and Circus Maximus GO in Virtual Reality. Wearing a latest generation VR viewer, you will be literally catapulted into Ancient Rome. First, walk around the Colosseum Square; second, watch the gladiators fight and decide the fate of the wounded gladiator; then wander around the dark and gloomy corridors of the underground; observe the lions in the cage waiting to go up to the arena; retrace the historical stages of the city; witness the moment in which Romulus traces the sacred border of Rome with the plow; stroll through the cobbled streets; finally, holding the controller, he participates in a chariot race. Hence, he challenges his opponents to win the final prize.

In addition, exciting new products will be announced for the 2022 season.

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