Student Trips to Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Learn and study the city thoroughly with us, during a Student Trips to Rome. The churches, squares, buildings and historical sites certainly make student trips to Rome even more exciting.

Ancient & Recent has developed a well-designed program for the school to engage students of all ages. From the largest to the smallest. You will therefore discover the city and the Rome monuments thanks to an advanced technology: Virtual RealityEducation is the basis of everything. This is why our itineraries for students are designed to have a better quick learning of the various school subjects. In other words, art, history and geography come together.

A new way of didactic instrusction. So meet the staff, put on the VR headset and go! Thanks to 3D animated historical and architectural reconstructions, take on the role of an ancient Roman and let it all happen by itself. However, how can learning be improved? Thanks to a direct approach to the archaeological sites of the city. Without a doubt, this new technology will be exciting for both the teacher and the students. Whether you are an elementary school, a secondary shool or a high school, you will have, in the first place, a well-defined program designed just for you.

How our Student Trips to Rome take place

Scientific studies show that, after two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears, but 90% of what it does or simulates. By applying this concept of learning VR, Ancient & Recent will allow students to remember much more and for longer than the classic tours offered on the market. You will surely remember almost everything you learned during the visit, with the feeling of an unforgettable experience.

Our Student Trips to Rome can be organized directly on the site of interest together with a visit with an authorized tour guide. Alternatively, comfortably in your own class. In conclusion, all based on the type of experience and technology chosen. In fact, Virtual Reality is a technology suitable for any place, while mixed reality provides for the projection of holograms. The latter must be carried out directly on site. A team of experts will be at your disposal for organizing the tour. The multimedia experience will include entrance to the monuments for students and teachers. You will receive help with the purchase of tickets, both for students and teachers, and for the carrying out itself. You will be able to explore the Colosseum in Virtual Reality; the Circus Maximus in Virtual Reality; the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel in Virtual Reality. For a fun, cultural and multimedia trip out of town at the same time, visit the city of Civita di Bagnoregio with 5 extraordinary virtual guides.

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Student Trips to Rome with Virtual Reality

Ancient & Recent also gives you the opportunity to book a completely new group learning experience: Virtual Reality. Likewise, you can choose to customize our historical, technological and full of 3D animated reconstructions itineraries.


Get to know the history of Rome. He plays the role of an ancient Roman and virtually walks around the Colosseum square. Wonderful white marbles glisten with the reflection of the sunlight. First, in front of you the Temple of Venus and Rome; then the Arch of Constantine and finally the marvelous Colossus of Nero, a 33 meters high gilded bronze statue. That’s not all. Put on the viewer and enter the Arena. Watch the crowd pawing in the stands; raise your eyes, the Velarium is closing. In front of you the gladiators just waiting for a nod to start the battle. Are you ready? Now take on the role of the emperor and choose the fate of the wounded gladiator. So, will it be death or life? Finally, end the experience by entering the basement, a dark place, full of rooms, prisons, freight elevators and cages of ferocious animals.

Circus Maximus

See the wonderful Circus Maximus like never before. Meet Romulus who plows through the border of the city. Around you a bare valley without any home. Time goes by and the story continues. Here is the first wooden structure of the Circus Maximus during the Tarquini era and exactly on the opposite side, the Foro Boario, the livestock market, along the banks of the Tiber. The story now becomes more compelling. You will have in front of you an urbanized Rome where you can walk among the various 60 tabernae arranged in the city. Therefore, are you ready to enter? Attend the Circus Pump: the emperor’s parade with musicians and dancers following. Ready for the race? Choose the faction you belong to, the color of the horse, grab the controller and go. You have to finish first if you want to win 1 million sesterces. Will you be the winner?

Vatican City and Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world. How to admire it live? Simple. Put on the viewer and retrace the founding stages of St. Peter’s Basilica. Enter the Circus of Nero and the subsequent Paleochristian Basilica, to hear its history in detail. Conclude the experience with the most beautiful and thrilling journey ever. Follow Michelangelo, inside the Creation of the World and the Last Judgment Michelangelo with an extraordinary animated story. Pause to observe God in the act of separating the light from the darkness and the earth from the waters, until the expulsion from the Earthly Paradise of Adam and Eve. Finally, he enters the heart of his latest masterpiece. The angels of the apocalypse sound the trumpets, the damned are driven to hell, and the blessed rise to heaven. Christ the judge raises his left hand. The Last Judgment has begun.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Go to the “Dying City” and wear a latest generation Smart Glass. In other words, an interactive mixed reality path awaits you, to discover the city of Civita di Bagnoregio. In fact, through the projection of holograms, you will be able to interact with 5 different tourist guides: Velthur, the Etruscan; Gaius, the Roman; Aufret, the Lombard; San Bonaventura, the medieval; and finally Rosina, a peasant woman. These are scattered around the city, through the streets of the center, among the most important monuments and churches. Their task? In short, show you, according to their era, the development of the city. You will therefore undertake a chronological path of the city, from its foundation to the present day. A geological and historical evolution at the same time.

In short, ours are routes suitable for any age group. Fun, knowledge and technology are perfectly combined.

Advantages of Student Trips to Rome

Reserve the advantage of one of our Student Trips to Rome, such as:

  • Staff dedicated to the group;
  • Special gift and surprises at the end of the tour;
  • Skip-the-line tickets Rome;
  • Private tour guide;
  • Crowd-free access;
  • Flexibility of schedules for your every need;
  • Personaly itinerary planner;
  • Latest generation technology;
  • Souvenir photo to be received at the end of the experience;
  • Tours organized at cultural sites of interest or in schools based on the experience chosen.

What are you waiting for. Book a Student Trips to Rome and surroundings with Ancient & Recent. Didactics and fun will be on the agenda.