Circo Maximo Experience

Circo Maximo Experience. On 23 May an innovative and extraordinary project of a famous monument opened to the public: the Circus Maximus. In collaboration with Zétema and Roma Culture, the project aims to make history known thanks to the technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

For the first time, the historical phases of the city will be experienced live; and then you can walk through the shops of Rome; finally attend a chariot race in the Circus Maximus. The largest monument of antiquity. Therefore, virtual Reality makes it possible to insert the viewer into a completely new scenario. The images of the past, overlapping the present ones, create a magnificent landscape for the eyes.

So, the Circo Maximo Experience is divide into a 40-minute journey available in 8 different languages.

Ancient & Recent – Circus Maximus GO

Ancient & Recent, leader in the enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage, will soon launch a project that will allow you to get to know the Circus Maximus. A unique product which, by integrating the version described, will allow complete interactivity in Virtual Reality mode: the Circus Maximus GO.

During the visit, 5 different historical stages will be touched: from its origins to its maximum splendor. The Circus Maximus GO will have a 90-minute visit itinerary and will be translated at the start in two languages, Italian and English.

Wearing a latest generation VR viewer, the viewer will witness the founding of Rome by meeting Romulus; you will be able to witness the birth of the Foro Boario and the first wooden building of the Circus; then immerse yourself completely in Ancient Rome; stroll through the tabernae; and admire every single corner of the city.
So, to end the visit, the spectator will wear the viewer again to participate in a VR race at the Circus Maximus. He will choose the color of the horse; the name of the faction; will wait for the gates to open … AND GO! He will have to challenge his opponents and finish first to win the final prize. Running, bending right, dodging obstacles, driving a chariot between accidents, whipping and overtaking, falling and wiping sweat. A million sesterces and the emperor’s gratitude.

And you? Are you ready to live this adventure?

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