Colosseum Tours Underground

Have you never really seen the Colosseum? Take part in a Colosseum Tours Underground retracing their history. After many years of restoration, the majesty of the area below the arena is finally open to the public.

Colosseum Tours Underground: what are they?

The Colosseum Underground are an area that has remained closed for many years for work and restoration. Today it is open again. Here the slaves worked to prepare and coordinate everything was necessary to make the show a success: it was like a backstage. It is an area where you can still breathe the mystery of many centuries ago. Corridors, cages, elevators: the thrill of gladiators before a battle is still here.

The best way to fully enjoy all its charm is to be accompanied by an expert tour guide: they will tell you all the most fascinating stories of the Colosseum underground.

Colosseum Tours 

Our guides are not only super expert, they will tell you all the secret story of the Colosseum. They will tell you about the underground world, through exclusive and reserved access, thanks to the skip-the-line ticket. Stories of gladiators and animals in cages: there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to unveil it?

Colosseum Virtual Tour

Our tours are different. Do you know why? Because before each visit, accompanied only by the best certified guides, we take you on a straight journey into the past. Wear our virtual reality visor and live the emotions of Roman spectators, gladiators and the emperor at the time of the maximum splendor of the Colosseum. In conclusion, it will be an unforgettable experience. So, whether you are alone or with your family you will have fun learning history. Then, what are you waiting for!

Are you still not so sure? Read what our loved clients say about us on TripAdvisor. Colosseum Virtual Reality Tour? Yes, thanks!