Best Things To Do With Kids In Rome

Do you want to discover Rome for children? Follow us to discover the best things to do with kids in Rome. You can choose what you prefer. Walking through the streets of the capital means immersing yourself in history and getting out of it enriched. If the children of Rome enjoy this privilege every day of the year, those born in the suburbs or a tourist visit must optimise the time available. A walk on Via dei Fori Imperiali alone is worth the price of the ticket to reach the city, but it is not enough. Here then are five travel solutions with children to live all in one breath.

What to do in Rome with children in summer

Iconic places and enchanting scenery. Rome is a favorite destination for tourists, but it can become a smart solution even if you travel with your children. In order for Rome to be children, it is necessary to render the trip in their own image and likeness. A kids friendly dimension in the marvellous capital of Italy. What places? Let’s find out.

The parks of Rome suitable for kids

A city within reach of children. Rome knows how to do it even without paying the ticket price. The parks it has are open-air wonders that allow you to stay in contact with nature while avoiding the grip of heat. The most popular?

  • Villa Borghese: open every day from sunrise to sunset
  • (Via Salaria) Villa Ada: open from dawn to sunset
  • Villa Doria Pamphilj (via Aurelia Antica): open from 7am to 9pm, it is the largest Roman villa

These three immense parks have areas dedicated to children, with the possibility of renting bicycles, rickshaws and skates. There are also plenty of rides.

Technotown: the playroom for adults and children

About villas. The heart of Villa Torlonia, on Via Nomentana, is worth a visit to Technotown. It is a creative science hub full of 3D tools and music. Robotics, environment, photography, cinema, production and three-dimensional creation are among the activities to do together. Children can enter from 6 years upwards and always accompanied. Here they can have fun with their parents. At what price? You pay according to the activities: 8 euros for one, 14 for two, 18 euros for three.

Bioparco di Roma: over 200 species of animals for a day immersed in nature

Children in Rome will be fascinated by the zoo. Located near Villa Borghese, it hosts more than 220 species of animals and over 1100 specimens and allows you to spend an entire day immersed in nature. Open from 09.30 to 18 on weekdays and from 09.30 to 19 Saturday and Sunday (last entry 60 minutes before entry), it costs 16 euros for adults, 13 for children over one meter in height and up to 10 years and it’s free for children less than one meter tall.

Cinecittà World: the right compromise to close a vacation

If the holidays are running out and one wonders where to take the children, Cinecittà World can be a good compromise to close them off in style. This theme park is located outside Rome and to reach it it is recommended to use the car, unless you decide to take the shuttles that travel along the Via Pontina taking you to your destination (Castel Romano). Dedicated to the world of cinema and television, it offers continuous shows and attractions that will leave children speechless. Furthermore, its size allows you to spend an entire day there, without even noticing the passing of the hours, at the price of 24 euros for adults and 19 for children under 10 years.

The Historic Centre of Rome: a must-see destination

Obviously before turning onto an amusement park, it is appropriate to have taken a bath in history. The streets of Rome are steeped in it and even the little ones, despite the heat, will appreciate a walk through the most suggestive places. It is therefore impossible to miss a Colosseum Tour with our suggestive Immersive Experience that takes you straight to Rome 2000 years ago, when the Flavian Amphitheater was at the height of its splendor, thanks to our Virtual Reality. Fun is guaranteed!