August in Rome: What to do on August in Rome

Spending Ferragosto in Rome is a smart choice. Compared to a few years ago, the capital is no longer a ghost town in the warm months. Rome in August is increasingly populated. Fighting the heat by staying in the city is possible and the views offered by the most beautiful metropolis in the world will make it almost pleasant. What to do on August 15th in Rome?

What to do on August 15th in Rome

The day of the Assumption of Mary is traditionally dedicated to going out. Mid-August in Rome means modernizing the concept without sacrificing relaxation. Here are 5 useful tips for spending August 15, 2019 in Rome.

The streets of the center and beyond: visiting Rome by foot

Have you reached Termini Station and now the heat scares you? Have you been bored for days on the couch? In both cases the recurring question will be: “What to do in Rome on August 15th?” The solution may seem hard, but it is simple: living the city by walking. Even during holidays, public service is guaranteed. Metro A and B will ensure rapid travel and are less crowded. It is important to check the departure times of the first and last run from the last stop. Prati; Monti; Trastevere and Testaccio are neighborhoods (or districts) that deserve to be traveled by foot and also allow easy access to the center. During Ferragosto restaurants in Rome do not close and you can combine business with pleasure by giving yourself a well-deserved break.

Mid-August Rome and surroundings: between the sea and the Castles

If you have a car, Ferragosto in Rome can become Ferragosto outside Rome. For a small getaway you can move towards the cool of the Castles, with Castel Gandolfo, Grottaferrata, Marino, Ariccia, Rocca di Papa, Genzano and Nemi (with its suggestive lake) that can all be visited in one breath. If you are a lover of the sea, just set up the navigator. Proceeding northwards, they meet Ladispoli and Fregene, remaining in the metropolitan area there is Ostia, going south they meet Torvaianica, Anzio and Nettuno. In short: if you really don’t want to bottle in Ferragosto festivals, why give up a nice fish binge?

Events 15 August Rome: theme parks

Mid-August in Rome must rhyme with relaxation. If you are on vacation with children, there is nothing better than theme parks. The Rome Biopark (09.30-19.00) hosts about 200 animal species from 5 continents and will make the happiness of children and adults. If instead you aim to go out of doors, you can evaluate three options: Zoomarine (Torvaianica) is a kaleidoscope of fun among water slides, dolphins and water shows at every hour. Cinecittà World (Castel Romano, via Pontina) is open from 11 am to 10 pm and offers a continuous cycle of shows dedicated to the world of cinema. Finally Magic Rainbow (Valmontone) between naval battles, dunes, death circles and roller coasters, offers attractions for all ages.

Rome Ferragosto: museums … or festivals?

Ferragosto festivals are a much sought after topic. We immediately dispel any doubts: in Rome on 15 August 2019 there are no festivals planned. Those looking for a festival can move to the province of Viterbo or Rieti, but is it really worth it? Staying in Rome you can instead spend Ferragosto in the cool of the Museums, which are all (with the exception of the Capitoline Museums) strictly open.

Our advice is to visit the historic center. The solution is at your fingertips: our Immersive Experience offers you an evocative leap backwards into the Rome of 2000 years ago with its Colosseum tour, a marvel magnified by Virtual Reality. What are you waiting for to give yourself a different Ferragosto in Rome?