Circus Maximus GO

Come to Rome and experience the Circus Maximus like never before! The Tour Operator Ancient & Recent, leader in the enhancement of Cultural Heritage, has created a unique VR video game for you. Suitable for all age groups, from the oldest to the smallest, it is definitely an alternative way to learn while having fun.

Immerse yourself in the history of Rome and come and discover it with us!

The Circus Maximus is the largest and oldest amphitheater in the world. You will have the opportunity to discover how it once was; you will be able to relive bygone eras. All thanks to a faithful animated 3D reconstruction. Developed in Virtual Reality, the product is completely interactive. It contains professional audio recorded in multilingual that are the background to content edited by the Digilab Archeo & Arte3D department of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

What to see in Virtual Reality

Put on the VR viewer and set off to discover Ancient Rome. It starts from the origins. Retrace its long history, in first person, through 5 stages:

The Origins of Rome

Look around. An unhealthy and swampy valley. Without any construction. It is April 21, 753 BC. and in front of you the first King of Rome, Romulus. You will find him intent on tracing the pomerium, furrow of the walls and sacred border of the city with a plow. You are witnessing the founding of Rome. On this journey you will witness its evolution. From the swampy Murcia Valley, then reclaimed, the Circus Maximus will be born. You will know it as it was originally until you see it change in real time.

The Rome of the Kings

You are in the era of the Tarquini kings. Listen carefully to the history of Rome and the Circus Maximus. Look around. The amphitheater is undergoing evolution. You can see the first wooden seats and the arena divided into two lanes by the spina. After a change of scenery you will find yourself on the Tiber. Precisely at the Foro Boario. Its name means “ox market” and represents the largest commercial area of the time. The Roman river port, or portus Tiberinus, was represented by the bank of the Tiber. Here mainly exchanges of livestock and agricultural products took place.

Arrival at the Circus

Another time travel will catapult you into the 3rd century AD. Around you Rome has become a great urban center. Watch the Circus Maximus reach its final form, thanks to the Emperor Augustus. Now stroll on the Via Appia Antica; find points of interest; and let yourself be carried away by the narration. Go to the Roman tabernae, the ancient shops located on the Via Appia. Here you can also admire the Septizodium, a majestic building at the foot of the Palatine Hill. Or again, you will be able to see the Arch of Titus and in the distance see the majestic setting of the Colosseum.

Pompa Circensis

Now look around you. You are in the Circus Maximus. The stands are crowded; everyone eagerly awaits the start of the chariot races. The bets have begun. At the Circus Maximus various kinds of meetings were organized. However, the most loved games by the Romans were undoubtedly the chariot races, which could be chariots or chariots. Listen! The distant sound of the trumpets indicates that the games are about to begin. Look now at the Pompa Circensis, a festive procession that precedes the race. The Emperor enters the dance floor, followed by a parade of musicians; dancers and chariots. He sits on the podium and raises his right hand. He is decreeing the start of the games. The crowd cheers and waits with bated breath.

The chariot race

Now is the time to get involved! Take on the role of a charioteer and take part in a chariot race. Four factions. Four colors to choose from. La factio albata, the white team; the Venetian, blue; the snoring, red; and finally that prasina, green. Then, select your faction; choose the color of your horse; get on the wagon and go! The white handkerchief touches the ground. The race has just started. Drive the chariot with the controller and your body. Go as fast as you can. Complete seven rounds of the spine. The prize up for grabs is one million sesterces; a laurel wreath; and the cheers of the crowd. Be careful to dodge accidents; overtake all opponents and try to win! You will make it?

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