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Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour

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Adults 15+: 65 €
Child 4-14: 43 €
Infant 0-3: 4 €


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Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour

Take part in a Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour and start your journey in Ancient Rome. Join the group and set off with a tour guide to discover the Colosseum.

The Colosseum is the largest and most famous Roman amphitheater in the world. Through an exciting, fun and immersive 3D experience, learning its long history has never been easier. It is an experience suitable for all age groups. This way you will give shape and color to your imagination.

What to see in Colosseum Virtual Reality Tour

Meet your tour guide and listen to his or her instructions to make the most of the headset. Trace the history of the Colosseum through three distinct areas: the square; the arena; and finally the Colosseum underground.

With our animated 3D reconstruction complemented by professional multilingual music and audio, exploring the Colosseum has never been more fun! All the contents within the reconstruction that you will observe, were handled by the well-known Prof. Filippo Coarelli and by the Digilab Archeo & Arte3D department of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

By taking part in a Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour, you will find yourself, in other words, walking virtually in the ancient square of the Colosseum; you can then admire the fountain of the gladiators, the Meta Sudans; the Temple of Venus and Rome; the majestic Colossus of Nero from which the name “Colosseum” derives; and the Arch of Constantine, in all its grandeur.

In the Arena Floor Colosseum, raise your head towards the Velarium, its gigantic red curtain that closes to start the show; he walks among the roar of ferocious lions; then witness the fights between gladiators; to conclude, he puts on the emperor’s robes and takes his place. Decide the fate of the wounded gladiator with: “Death” or “Grace”! To conclude the experience, descend into the mysterious Colosseum underground to observe the slaves moving in silence between narrow and dark corridors, ready to prepare all the tools necessary to make the show a success. If you look around you will notice the gladiators sharpening their weapons and the various cages in which the hungry beasts wait to be lifted from the elevators inside the arena.

Once you enter the Colosseum…

The time has come to discover what is left today of all the structure you have seen in Virtual Reality.

Together with your tour guide, enter the most famous monument in the world, the Flavian Amphitheater. Thanks to a Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour, avoid the long queues thanks to the Colosseum Ticket Skip the Line. After the security checks, let its magic overwhelm you completely. Hear the stories about its construction, which took place over 8 years; take unforgettable photos; and finally, close your eyes imagining you are there.

Observe every little detail. The shiny white marbles that covered the floor; the ceiling richly decorated with sculptures and frescoes; go up to the first level and look out to observe the ancient structure of the Ludus Magnus, the gymnasium of the gladiators; find out where the senators sat; crosses the museum, with all its archaeological evidence. So live it; observe it; and imagine it. Your tour guide will be at your complete disposal to answer any questions or concerns.

Once the Colosseum Guided Tour is over, you will be given directions to continue the visit in total autonomy within the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Are you still eager to delve into your journey into the history of Ancient Rome, follow your tour guide at the entrance. Using the same Colosseum Ticket Skip the Line, if you wish, you can continue exploring the magnificent temples of Rome; the columns; the triumphal arches and the sumptuous Domus of the emperor Domitian.

Before leaving, you will have all the information you need to be able to continue alone in the Roman Forum and on the Palatine Hill. In conclusion, take part in a Colosseum Virtual Reality Guided Tour and go home having lived an unforgettable experience!


Site Visited

  • Colosseum (guided)
  • Roman Forum (self guided)
  • Palatine Hill (self guided)


  • Tourist guide
  • Colosseum Guided tour
  • Colosseum Ticket Skip the Line
  • VR assistant in Italian and English
  • VR headsets
  • RC insurance
  • Integrated audio guide (Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French)
  • Eye mask cover for VR headset
  • Hand sanitizing gel

Not included

  • Roman Forum and Patatine Hil Guided Tour
  • Drinks
  • Souvenir
  • Access to the Colosseum underground
  • Access to the Arena Floor Colosseum and Third Order
  • Tips
  • Transport to/from the hotel

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Adult (Age 18+)
Child (Age 4-17)
Infant (Age 0-3)
This tour is not directly purchasable. In order to book it, please, fill the form below. We will contact you in short time.

Important things to know

  • It is necessary to arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the tour start time. Customers who arrive late at the meeting point can NO longer join the tour, therefore they are not entitled to any kind of right or refund.
  • Please show the voucher to the staff (also in electronic format)
  • Attention: due to the mandatory security checks of the metal detector at the Colosseum, this could result in a slight delay at the entrance even for “skip the line” ticket holders
  • Tour not available on January 1st, May 1st, December 25th.
  • Ancient & Recent is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by the closure of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum due to strikes, union assemblies, bad weather, etc.
  • Online bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance, last minute bookings are accepted by phone or email.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and bring a valid identity card
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Large suitcases or bags are not allowed inside the attractions
  • For help with meeting points or other urgent issues, please phone +39 3313586107
  • In case of rain, all our tours run regularly.

Meet us here

The meeting point established is at the ARCH OF CONSTANTINE, located on the Colosseum square, where you can meet our staff with a black flag with a golden Ancient & Recent logo.

Arch of Constantine, Via di San Gregorio, 00186, Rome.

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Need to cancel your trip?

If you cancel your reservation you will be charged a 30% cancellation fee. Cancellation between 6 and 4 calendar days in advance of the scheduled departure time, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 3 calendar days (72 hours) of the scheduled departure time, you will becharged a 100% cancellation fee. Refund will only be issued if the tour was booked and paid for directly with Ancient&Recent within a week from the cancellation. The payment will not be refunded for any other reason (i.e. weather, change of travel plans, illness, missed train..). To change the date or time of the tour, send an e-mail to info@ancientandrecent.com or call +39 3313586107



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Reviews (255)

  1. English

    Valeria T.

    Bellissima esperienza!! 🙂 Si viene accompagnati nell’area dietro al Colosseo, dove si viene spiegato cosa si può fare ed il percorso da seguire all’interno del VR. Non consiglio di camminare effettivamente attorno al Colosseo se si è da soli, per esempio ero ferma vicino al posto dove ho iniziato ed addirittura un signore si è seduto quasi attaccato vedendomi che non potevo vedere essendo dentro al VR chiedendomi di spostarmi. All’interno è molto bella, si vedranno anche persone ed animali, ci si perde tra l’architettura, le persone e le spiegazioni in maniera fluida ma anche con libertà di esplorazione. Molto semplici i comandi da eseguire, oltre a muoversi a 360° con il visore, si ha un controller con cui cliccare e muoversi in avanti. Dura all’incirca un’ora e mezza, se avete preso anche il tour fisico del Colosseo e Fori e Palatino, li farete dopo l’esperienza VR con molta tranquillità. Consiglio di fare una pausa dopo aver visitato il Colosseo, i Fori ed il Palatino sono estesi, comunque rifocillarsi con cibo. Portare ovviamente acqua, cappellino e scarpe/vestiario comodi.
    Godetevi questa esperienza speciale indietro nel tempo!
    ATTENZIONE: se non avete il Green Pass vi è una ambulanza dietro l’entrata del Colosseo (per 18€, contanti). Il pass che viene fornito è valido esclusivamente per le visite dei monumenti nei dintorni(quando l’ho effettuato io). Rilasciando solo il foglio di carta e non essendoci il codice scansionabile non sarà valido per entrare nei cinema o in qualsiasi stabile che richiede la scansione del pass, che dimostra la registrazione con la regione, non effettuata dall’ambulanza del Colosseo. Consiglio nel giorno o il giorno prima di effettuare il tampone in farmacia se non siete vaccinati.

  2. English


    Interessante e sbalorditivo allo stesso tempo. Progetto fantastico per adulti e bambini!!!
    Staff gentile e super disponibile!

  3. English



  4. English


    Das war toll!

  5. English



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eccezionale! Eccezionale! realtà virtuale molto divertente ed esplicativa. tour al colosseo con MArta, guida super simpoatica. IL post covid con nessuno dentro ha aiutATO, MA LA REALTà VIRTUALE NE VALE DAVVERO LA pena!
luca a
luca a
Un'emozione per grandi e piccoli Esperienza entusiasmante che ha coinvolto e affascinato anche le bambine. Facile individuare la location di ritrovo, personale diponibilissimo, sia via telefono che wa, cortesi e rapidi nelle risposte. Contenuti ben organizzati e ottimamente proposti, della durata giusta per essere chiari e piacevoli. Ricostruzione 3d coinvolgente e interattività semplice anche per i più piccoli. Grazie
Valeriano P
Valeriano P
Il Colosseo come non lo avete mai visto Esperienza molto interessante per gli adulti, indispensabile per bambini e ragazzi. Grazie al visore 3D si è trasportati in modo coinvolgente nella Roma imperiale, una visione che aiuta a comprendere la visita successiva al Colosseo. Organizzazione efficiente, personale gentile e preparato. Giudizio critico dei nostri figli: “una figata”! Consigliatissimo
Tiziano M
Tiziano M
Great Great the forum and pallintin hill were full of sights.equally as good as the colosseum ... communication was great from company thanks to Cristina . Very happy
trevor v
trevor v
Bellissima esperienza! Ottima l'organizzazione, estrema puntualità e professionalità. L'esperienza è stata molto bella ed interessante. Speriamo vivamente che in futuro organizzino esperienze di questo tipo anche per altri luoghi importanti della Roma antica. Non mancheremo sicuramente! Consigliatissima! Sara e Mariaines
Rocco M
Rocco M
Un compleanno che resterà nel cuore! Ho fatto una sorpresa a mio figlio nel giorno del suo settimo compleanno: la realtà virtuale lo ha entusiasmato! E la visita all'interno del Colosseo ha completato un'esperienza stupenda. Tutto ben organizzato, puntuali, gentili, disponibili e professionali! Un'esperienza unica, da ripetere. CONSIGLIATISSIMO!!
Alessandra Cerruti
Alessandra Cerruti
Esperienza Nuova e innovatova Da romano e' stato spettacolare e sorprendente vedere com era la vera pizza del colosseo prima e come' ora. Senza contare l ingresso al vero colosseo. Da faee!
mattia m
mattia m


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