Colosseum immersive tour in 3D-RADIO BLU

After the Ara Pacis and the Domus Aurea comes the Colosseum Immersive Tour 3D. The first experience of the Colosseum in Virtual Reality. On the square, the huge statue of the emperor Nero; and the crowd that comes cheering; in the dungeons among the underground, the gladiators try their lethal moves; then, in the arena the lion whirls around tied to the chain; gaze up to see the huge velarium that closes to create shade for the spectators.

The project will allow visitors to the Colosseum to enjoy a completely virtual experience during the cultural visit. So, thanks to this visitors immerse themselves in a virtual, multimedia and sensorial way in the history of the Colosseum. Thanks to the software and VR glasses, visitors will be able to select the language in which to listen to the story, and set out to discover a new world.

At the end of the experience, tourists will be accompanied by tourist guides. Visitors, wearing VR headsets, will literally be transport back in time. The viewer is equip with software with audio content and an animated 3D historical reconstruction, edited by Professor Filippo Coarelli.

Firstly, from the Colosseum square to the arena with the gladiators; secondly, from the Temple of Venus and Rome to the dark and mysterious undergrounds.