Trevi Fountain, works and maintenance

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most important artistic and cultural heritages in the world. An extraordinary work of great importance and manufacture. Symbol of the city of Rome, the fountain is visit by millions of tourists every year. In fact, being fascinate by them is very simple. Whether it is day or night, the fountain is capable of always leaving everyone breathless.

Why visit it? Get close to it, grab a coin, make a wish and throw it into the fountain. Will it come true? You will find out very soon.

The Trevi Fountain has undergone numerous restorations over time. One just two years ago. With the planned works, the conservation status of the monument will also be check to assess whether or not to start a general maintenance intervention. Anyone who intends to damage it will be fine 240 euros.

The ordinary intervention is by the Capitoline Superintendency. The main intent is certainly the removal of all the biological patinas that have formed over the course of time. Only later will we dedicate ourselves to cleaning the monument. The Lovers’ fountain is closed until July 17th.

The intervention is especially necessary also for the large number of tourists who visit the monument in the capital every day and crowd the surrounding area.

Various technicians will be employ in the maintenance and restoration work, including those from Acea and Ama who will certainly intervene with mechanical means.