Colosseum Journey in 3D - LA STAMPA

Put on your glasses and enter the Colosseum, a 3D journey from the 1st century AD among gladiators; emperors; and lions.

Virtual tours in 3D have also arrived at the Colosseum. After the Domus Aurea and the Ara Pacis, from mid-April also the Flavian Amphitheater offers this possibility to tourists. A fashion? An escape from the difficult reality of Roman monuments? An attempt to indulge the tastes of the new generations accustomed to video games? There is a bit of all this in the new proposal conceived by the Ancient & Recent tour operator, but also the attempt to offer a different, richer way to visit one of the most famous sites in the world.

Meet the staff on the monument square. Put on your VR glasses and enter the Amphitheater. You will be in the 1st century AD, exactly in 72 AD. and the emperor Vespasian does not know that he has created a work that, over the centuries, will become one of the most important in the world.
With the viewer you will find yourself walking among gladiators; emperors; Roman nobles; lions ready to jump on anyone who comes close.

A new and innovative experience. A new way to learn history while having fun. A tour suitable for any age group. Adults and children. You will surely be breathless in front of the majestic statue of Nero; then to the fountain of the gladiators; the Temple of Venus and Rome; to the big red curtain that closes over the arena; to the dark and gloomy undergrounds; and finally to the structure of the freight elevator.