Colosseum Immersive Walking Tour

Discover one of the largest and most impressive monuments of Ancient Rome. Take part in a “Colosseum Immersive Walking Tour with Virtual Reality“. Through an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction you can explore the Colosseum like never before.

On this Virtual Reality Tour, you will see the Colosseum come to life in all its ancient glory. All thanks to an immersive and innovative technology. Once the introduction from a tour guide is complete, you will be wearing a state-of-the-art Oculus VR display. You will be virtually in the Colosseum square. Through a 3D reconstruction, go back in time to almost 2000 years ago and move in real time among the Romans. Admire the grandeur and beauty of the Colosseum; the majestic statue of Nero; the Meta Sudans and finally the Temple of Venus and Rome.

Colosseum Walking Tour

After the square, your guide will accompany you with the Colosseum Skip Line Tickets inside the Colosseum. Symbol of Rome and perhaps of all of Italy, it is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater. The Colosseum is where many great shows took place. It housed 50,000-75,000 people. Enjoy the upper floor where Roman spectators sat and appreciate an overview of the performances that would take place below. Your guide will then lead you to your second virtual stage. Inside the arena you can almost hear the roar of ferocious lions and watch a gladiator fight. With your VR glasses you will understand the power of the Colosseum and even decide the fate of the wounded gladiator as if you were the Emperor.

At the end of the Colosseum you tour guide will accompany you to the ground floor at the level of the arena. Here you will complete your final virtual stage, in the mysterious dungeons. For example, you will see the slaves moving around to prepare for the show. Finally with your VR glasses you can walk the dark corridors and see the gladiators preparing their weapons for battle. Don’t miss the detailed reconstruction of the freight elevators. These allowed the beasts to be suddenly thrown onto the arena to animate hunting shows and death sentences.