Live Ancient Rome: Colosseum Virtual Reality tour

Available from April the Live Ancient Rome in 3D of the most loved and visited monument in Rome. Thanks to the Samsung Gear VR viewers it is possible to go back in time. With an immersive visit you can stroll through Rome in the 1st century BC.

A new virtual tour of the Colosseum was launch a few days ago, which uses 3D viewers and reconstructions to lead visitors on a multimedia and multisensory journey of the Flavian amphitheater. The verification of the scientific contents was entrust to Prof. Filippo Coarelli.

The tour is offered by Ancient & Recent ( It uses a multilingual software to integrate an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction. The virtual tour leads visitors first of all to Piazza del Colosseo, face to face with the Colossus of Nero; secondly, among the jets of Meta Sudans; and finally in front of the colonnade of the Temple of Venus and Rome.

Roaring lions meet inside the amphitheater; then slaves who prepare everything necessary for the show; finally the gladiators are waiting to enter the arena. In conclusion, the meticulous reconstruction of the freight elevators, used to lift the animals from the underground and make them appear with a surprise effect in front of the public, should be note.

The narration is accompanied by background music and users can choose between different languages.
The realization of the virtual tour involved several professionals including historians, archaeologists, programmers and involved a year of work.

Ancient Rome

It is possible to visit in groups of 12 people. There are two departures: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. All with the support of an authorized tour guide. The first stop is Colosseum Square, where the viewers offer an aid in the visualization of the monuments in their original aspect; the second stage is inside the Colosseum, with detailed animation of what happened during the gladiator shows (including the opening and closing of the Velarium; and finally the third stage, the underground of the monument where, thanks to the 3D reconstructions, it is possible to walk through the corridors where the fights were carefully prepared.
At the same time as the images and 3D animations, the narrator illustrates to visitors detailed historical information accompanying the tour.