Rome City Tours

The well-known bus operator City Sightseeing has integrated new technological tours for the city of Rome into its services for 2018. “The Last Judgment” by Marco Balich is an immersive show that tells the story of the Sistine Chapel scheduled at the Auditorium Conciliazione.

We also find the multimedia journey on the history of the Eternal City “Welcome to Rome“, created by the brothers Paco and Andrea Lanciano. City Sightseeing has also integrated the Virtual Reality Tour of the Colosseum of our Ancient & Recent Tour Operator. Visit Rome with the City Sightseeing bus and immerse yourself in a virtual reconstruction of the Colosseum.

Thanks to Ancient & Recent and its Tours with Oculus VR, see what Rome is like today and how it was 2000 years ago. Thanks to the close partner, City Sightseeing customers can take advantage of fantastic discounts on the immersive tour of Ancients & Recent. In fact, you can combine it with the open bus ticket. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. So he almost gets in touch with the history of Rome thanks to the union between Ancient & Recent and City Sightseeing. Take a Colosseum Virtual Tour and open bus. First, he wanders through the streets of Rome; secondly, admire it in every corner; then discover it; finally love her.

Its historic center offers a number of attractions; museums; theaters; monumental squares; and finally terraces with panoramic views.
Buy the ticket for the tourist bus and take a virtual tour. Whether you are alone or with your family, it will surely be an experience not to be missed.