Maker Faire Rome

Passionate about Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence? We too! This is why if you go to Maker Faire Rome you will have a discount of 5 euros. At the Nuova Fiera di Roma from 12 to 14 October, we offer you the opportunity to participate in one of our Colosseum Tours with a discount of 5 euros.

Our Tours allow you to experience the Colosseum as you have never seen it before. With virtual and interactive reality, thanks to Oculus technology, you will discover the Colosseum as you have never seen it before. Are you ready to decide on the life of the gladiators? We remind you that each of our tours also includes a skip-the-line ticket for the Colosseum.

Just call +39 331.35.86.107 and book with us, to get the discount immediately.

The offer is valid from Thursday 11 October to Tuesday 16 October.

Live Ancient Rome Tour & Colosseum in Virtual Reality: a tour of the Colosseum that takes you back in time using virtual reality viewers and a 3D reconstruction.

The tour proposed by the Ancient & Recent tour operator allows all visitors to the Colosseum to enjoy a completely immersive virtual, multimedia, multisensory experience during the cultural visit in the company of an authorized tour guide, wearing the latest virtual reality viewers. generation that, through the virtual reality system and a multilingual software that integrates an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction, will take visitors back in time.

Colosseum Virtual Reality Tour

Visitors will be able to walk live in the square, admiring the majestic statue of Nero; the Meta Sudans; the Temple of Rome and Venus; inside the arena you hear the roar of ferocious lions; admire the gladiator fights; and, finally, inside the basement, watch the slaves who silently move to make the show a success.

A multilingual narrator and epic musical backgrounds will accompany the immersive visit. The contents were verified by Prof. Filippo Coarelli and by the archaeologists of the DigiLab department of the La Sapienza University of Rome. The work carried out took years of work. In addition, the collaboration of historians, assistants and programmers of 3D games. Finally, it was also appreciated by Minister Dario Franceschini. He had the opportunity to try it at the 24th edition of the Ferrara Motor Show.

The creators Guido Germano Gerace and Cristina Antal believe that Virtual Reality, applied to cultural heritage, can have a more formative impact. It would make it possible to transmit the historical and cultural heritage with an e-learning system. The brain would remember 90% of its experience compared to about 20% and for a longer time. In conclusion, you will have the feeling of an unforgettable experience.

Immersive Tour: Maker Faire Rome

So, the immersive tour is part of a visit of over 3 hours between the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill in groups of up to 25 people with departures at 9.00 and 14.30 every day and includes the provision of virtual reality viewers, a tour guide authorized registered in the first online booking system Evolved Guide and an assistant for logistical support who will illustrate how to use the viewer guiding it along the path.

Visitors will be greeted by the guide and assistant at the meeting point at the Arch of Constantine.

In conclusion, after a brief introduction and presentation on the visit modality, the first virtual stop will begin, in a less crowded space: The Colosseum square where the user, wearing the viewer, can immerse himself completely in the three-dimensional historical reconstruction of the square, being able to move, walk live with the use of a trackpad positioned on the right of the viewer and, get to know the monuments belonging to the historical era, such as the Meta Sudans, the temple of Rome and Venus, the well-known colossus of Nero from which the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.