Immersive experiences in Ancient Rome

Visit Rome in a whole new way. Book the most fun and engaging immersive experiences to experience Rome at 360 °.Visit Rome in The Colosseum was the largest arena in Ancient Rome and the Baths of Diocletian the largest bath complex: why not see them both? How were they then and how are they now?

Immersive 3D visit of the Baths of Diocletian

The Baths of Diocletian today take life again, thanks to an immersive 3D visit among the remains of the great thermal plant. What was it like for the Romans in the 4th century AD? The immersive experience, thanks to an audio-videoguide, integrates the traditional tour route. The 3D reconstruction is 360 degrees and overlaps with the real vision of the monument, so as to really understand the original appearance of the architectural spaces. The visitor is led to make a continuous comparison between what he sees today around him and what he would have seen centuries ago, in the same place. Book your visit to the Baths of Diocletian!

Immersive visit to the Colosseum

Immersive 3D experience is also possible at the Colosseum… And what a travel it is! Do not put limits, visiting the current monument, perhaps ignoring its original aspect. Movies are not enough, we need a thorough and engaging immersive visit that superimposes the vision of the past to the present. With our Ancient&Recent tours, you can enjoy the Colosseum like you’ve never even imagined! There are no words to describe the magnificence of this arena as it appeared at the height of its majesty: you can only live it! After our unique experience, you can finally access the Colosseum. Our tours always include Skip-the-line Tickets to access the Arena Colosseum.

Are you ready to travel in time? Buy one of our tours and have a safe trip! If you visit the Baths of Diocletian,for you 10% discount on our tours of the Colosseum. Use the “diocleziano10” code when you purchase our tour. Remember to bring the ticket with you to show it to our staff!