Virtual Walk Ancient Rome

Virtual walk in ancient Rome: first immersive tour with the reconstruction of the Colosseum in 3D – ARCHEOLOGY VOICES FROM THE PAST

It will be like in a real time machine. In the square stands the huge statue of Emperor Nero; the crowd comes cheering; in the basement the gladiators try their lethal moves; in the arena the huge Velarium closes to shade the Roman people ready for the circus show. After the Ara Pacis and the Domus Aurea, the first immersive 3D tour also arrives at the Colosseum. The project, conceived by the tour operator Ancient & Recent, allows visitors to the Colosseum, accompanied by authorized tourist guides registered in the first Evolved Guide online booking system, to take advantage of a completely immersive virtual, multimedia and multisensory experience during the cultural visit: you will discover culture, religion and daily life; from the settlements of the first inhabitants of the Eternal City to the spectacles of the Colosseum.

3D reconstruction of the Colosseum – Ancient Rome

The 3D reconstruction of the Colosseum is complemented by an accurate audio description; historical reproductions and animations of fights. You walk in “live” mode inside the Colosseum. You will feel like you are really in the first century. A.D. Visitors will be wearing VR headsets. In the multilingual software there is an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction, with audio content edited by Professor Filippo Coarelli. Visitors will literally be transported back in time. Scientific studies show that after two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads; 20% of what you hear; but 90% of what it does or simulates. By applying this concept, Ancient & Recent allows its tourists to remember much more. The work carried out required over a year of work between historians, assistants and 3D game programmers. Once the virtual experience is completed, the guide accompanies visitors inside the Colosseum.

Virtual Walk Rome Colosseum

Once the “adventure” inside the Colosseum is over, the tour guide takes you through the triumph of the emperors: to the Roman Forum, built to glorify their power. Passing directly from the Roman Forum you arrive at the Palatine Hill, the house of Romulus, founder of Rome, a real open-air museum, and one of the seven hills of Rome, which preserves, stratified, the history of Roman settlements: houses, temples and many other places of daily life. Departure every day at 9am except 1st January, 1st May and Christmas. On the site you can find all the information. In conclusion, the immersive tour lasts about twenty minutes and is part of a visit of over 3 hours between the Colosseum; Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. So, that can be do on foot or by Segway in groups of 12 people maximum.