3D lion gladiator culture - SOCIAL ROME

3D lion gladiator culture at the Colosseum with the new social tour – SOCIAL ROME. On the square the huge statue of the emperor Nero; the crowd that comes cheering; in the basement the gladiators who try their lethal moves; in the arena the lion whirling around tied to the chain; and then he looks up to see the velarium close to cast a shadow on the Roman people.

After the Ara Pacis and the Domus Aurea, the first immersive 3D tour also arrives at the Colosseum. The project, conceived by the tour operator Ancient & Recent, will allow visitors to the Colosseum to enjoy a completely immersive virtual, multimedia experience during the cultural visit. At the end, visitors will be accompanied by tourist guides register in the first Evolved Guide online booking system. Visitors will be wearing VR headsets and will be literally transport back in time. The multilingual software is integrate with an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction with audio content edited by Professor Filippo Coarelli.

Scientific studies show that after two weeks the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads; 20% of what he hears; but 90% of what it does or simulates. By applying this concept of learning VR, Ancient & Recent allows its tourists to be able to remember much more and for a longer time. The work carried out, also financed by the Lazio Region, required over a year of work between historians, assistants and 3D game programmers. It was also appreciated by Minister Dario Franceschini. He had the opportunity to try it a month ago at the Ferrara Motor Show.

In conclusione, on the website www.ancientandrecent.com you can find all the information. So the immersive tour lasts about twenty minutes. It is part of a visit of over 3 hours between the Colosseum; Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. It can be done on foot or by Segway in groups of up to 12 people.