First immersive Colosseum Tour – ANSA

The First immersive Colosseum Tour in 3D arrives – Animate and interactive 3D reconstruction, texts by Coarelli.

See the huge gilded bronze statue of Emperor Nero; listen to the impatient crowd that thronged in the stands; wander around the underground watching the gladiators waiting to fight; watch out for the lion tied to the chain in the arena; raise your eyes and look at the velarium which closes to shade the Roman people ready for the show. After the Ara Pacis and the Domus Aurea, the first 3D tour also arrives at the Colosseum.

The project, conceive by the tour operator Ancient & Recent, will allow visitors to the Colosseum, accompanied or not by authorize tourist guides, registered in the first Evolved Guide online booking system, to enjoy a virtual experience; multimedia; and multisensory. A completely immersive experience during the cultural visit. Visitors will be wearing a VR viewer. The multilingual software is integrate with an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction with audio content edited by Professor Filippo Coarelli and the Department Digilab La Sapienza University of Rome. Visitors will be literally transported back in time.

They will wear the clothes of a Roman and walk up and down the most famous square in the world. They will scrutinize every corner of it, while the sun beats on the gleaming white marbles. And then the Meta Sudans; the Temple of Venus and Rome; the Arch of Constantine.

It will feel like you are really there. Certainly, a studied and accurate reproduction in every detail. So, learning history the easy way is now possible. Whether alone or in company, a visit to the Colosseum with Virtual Reality is certainly not to be missed.

Finally, the visitor can choose between various Colosseum Tour options. Then?