Gladiator lions Colosseum 3D - CORRIERE

With Gladiator lions Colosseum 3D, you will feel like you are in a video game. With the viewer, visitors will be able to move around the arena with VR viewer and see the lions; the gladiators and the dungeons in the Colosseum in 3D.

Firstly, the golden Colossus of Emperor Nero on the square; secondly, inside the arena, chained lions ready to open their jaws. And then in the basement, the gladiators preparing to fight. So, thanks to virtual reality and 3D reconstructions, the Colosseum comes to life.
Therefore, immersing yourself in history has never been easier.

All thanks to the immersive visits offer by the Ancient & Recent tour operator ( The idea, certainly, has already been exploit for Ara Pacis and Domus Aurea. But it’s completely different here. It is to immerse yourself in the monument through VR viewer that lead visitors to move around the Colosseum. You will wear the clothes of an ancient Roman. You will be able to move freely in every corner of the city of Rome. Discover fruit and vegetable stalls. All with a serious scientific basis. In conclusion, all contents are edited by professor and archaeologist Filippo Coarelli at the La Sapienza University of Rome. “We worked a year for the design and accurate reconstruction of each environment. The tour lasts twenty minutes and is part of a three-hour guided tour between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill“. The creators Guido Germano Gerace and Cristina Antal explain.