Virtual Tour Colosseum in 3D - LAZIO LIVE

Rome. What was the Flavian Amphitheater? In days everyone will be able to discover it in a Virtual Tour Colosseum. You will walk inside the Colosseum; also you will see the square where the huge statue of the emperor Nero stood; you will hear the noise of the thronging crowd in the stands; in the dungeons you will wander through the dungeons while the gladiators try their deadly moves; in the arena you will walk alongside a lion, which whirls around tied to the chain; you will look up to see the huge velarium that closes to shade the Roman people ready for the circus show. After the Ara Pacis and the Domus Aurea comes the first 3D virtual Colosseum tour.

The project is conceived by the Tour operator Ancient & Recent. This will allow visitors to the Colosseum to enjoy a completely immersive virtual experience during the cultural visit. At the end they will be accompanied to the monument by authorized tour guides, registered in the first Evolved Guide online booking system. Visitors will be wearing VR headsets. The multilingual software is integrate with an animated and interactive 3D historical reconstruction with audio content edited by Professor Filippo Coarelli. Viewers will literally be transport back in time.