Welcome to Rome: The best way to start your visit

Welcome To Rome is a fascinating and surprising show dedicated to Rome. You can live there a unique experience: to dive into 2700 years of history of the Eternal City. Through an exciting “time machine” you will be able to go through the fundamental stages that have brought Rome to become the city we know today.

Spectacular video projections on the walls, ceiling and floor accompanied by a narrative voice. A great plastic that lives up to the evolution of the city over time.
Holograms, projections and interactive exhibits that tell the story of important monuments.
Welcome To Rome awaits you with so many different experiences and one goal: to know the history of the city with scientific rigor but at the same time, so passionate, engaging and spectacular.

Welcome to Rome: Paco Lanciano

A journey into the history of Rome through space and time. “Welcome to Rome” is a multimedia journey with Paco Lanciano. A journey to the city of Rome through space and time. This offers a tour of the city from its origins through the centuries. The spaces of the Augustus Cinema in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 203 – between Largo Argentina; Piazza Navona and Piazza della Chiesa Nuova – once again become the crossroads of a journey for the eyes and the mind. All with a video contribution and available in eight languages. It starts from the geological formation of travertine and tuff; we move on to the settlement on the Palatine Hill; through the expansion of the Roman Empire, we arrive at the dark years of the Middle Ages; to the patronage of the Popes; to the “baroque” rivalry between Bernini and Borromini; finally it comes up to the present day.

To conclude, four insights into different areas allow us to understand the stratification work over the centuries. The same happened to Castel Sant’Angelo and the Roman Forum. The author of this journey is Paco Lanciano, a physicist and scientific popularizer who since 1993 has collaborated with Piero Angela in television broadcasts such as Superquark; Special Quark; Journey into the cosmos; and Planet of the Dinosaurs. For them he has designed and created over 250 experimental demonstrations in the studio. Paco Lanciano is also co-creator of the virtual experience of the Journey into the Forums. Now he embarks on this other journey in what he calls “a sort of time machine that helps all those who come to visit Rome to build a map, an index of the city.” In addition, it also helps the Romans to have a more constructive attitude towards their city “. Watch the video (AGF photo)