Colosseum Virtual Reality

Live an innovative and multisensory experience to discover the history of Ancient Rome! Have you ever strolled through the town square meeting Roman gladiators and soldiers? With Ancient&Recent everything is possible!

Our Tour operator is the largest tourist reality able to offer innovative tours thanks to Virtual Reality. Multilingual content; interactivity and faithful animated 3D reconstructions will allow you to relive the Colosseum at the time of its heyday. All contents were handled by the well-known Prof. Filippo Coarelli and the Digilab Archeo & Arte3D department of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in history. The symbolic monument of the city of Rome, inside which the battles between the gladiators and the clashes between ferocious animals took place. Wearing the VR viewer you will find yourself catapulted into a virtual world. You can move around in real time at your convenience; stroll among the reconstructions and virtual objects; watch a battle between gladiators in the Colosseum Arena; until you wander among the insidious and dark Colosseum underground.

Virtual Reality

Put on the VR viewer, follow the anecdotes and legends and dive into history with us! With this Tour of the Colosseum you will virtually enter three different areas of the Colosseum:

The Square

Once you have worn the VR viewer you will find yourself on the square outside the Colosseum. Before you the showiness of the white marble shines in the sunlight. Statues of divinities in the arches; emperors; poets; philosophers. Red curtains that give color. On your left the Colossus of Nero, 35 meters of gilded bronze. Monument to which the Colosseum owes its name. Advancing towards the Arch of Constantine, the Meta Sudans rises, the majestic fountain of the gladiators. And then the Temple of Venus and Rome, built by Hadrian in 131 AD. Meanwhile, crowds of Romans and soldiers begin to enter to take their seats: The show is about to begin!

the square colosseum virtual reality rome tours ancient and recent

The Arena

the arena colosseum virtual reality rome tours ancient and recent

Look around. The crowd is trampling in the stands;Ā gladiatorsĀ wait to fight; the lions come out of their hatches ready to put on a show; the emperor is seated on his throne and is about to start the games. Look up. Watch the Velarium close above you. The battle has begun. Donā€™t miss it! Only one of the gladiators will survive. Who will decide their fate? You. You will be the emperor. It will be up to you to decide the fate of the wounded gladiator. Will it be Death or Life?

The Underground

SheĀ puts on theĀ viewerĀ for the last time andĀ descendsĀ intoĀ theĀ mysteriousĀ and darkĀ ColosseumĀ underground. It advances in its long and narrow corridors. See the intricate structures of freight elevators around you and the slaves at work to lift them. The lit torches, a source of light. Hear the roar of hungry and angry beasts in their cages. They are ready to enter the Arena toĀ entertainĀ the public.

underground colosseum vr virtual reality rome tours ancient and recent

Our Tours

Ancient&Recent offers, in fact, six different Tours of the Colosseum in Virtual Reality to offer a personalized experience. You can choose between:

  • Colosseum with Virtual Reality: It includes a virtual visit with the special VR viewer outside the Colosseum. The tour does not include an entrance ticket.
  • Self-guided Colosseum Virtual Reality Tour: This tour includes a virtual visit, self-guided entrance to the Colosseum ticket skip-the-line, and access to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum sites in self-guided mode. The duration is around 2 hours.
  • Colosseum Guided Tour with VR Experience: It includes Virtual Reality and Colosseum ticket skip-the-line with a tour guide. The ticket also includes entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill independently with the same ticket.
  • Colosseum Tour with VR and VIP access Colosseum Arena: The tour includes the visit in Virtual Reality and the entrance ticket to the Colosseum Arena with a tour guide. With the same ticket, you can access the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill in total autonomy.
  • Colosseum, Roman Forum Guided Tour with VR: The package includes the Colosseum in Virtual Reality and the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Guided Tour for about 3 hours.
  • Colosseum Underground Guided Tour with VR Experience: The option includes the Colosseum Virtual Reality. In addition, an Underground Colosseum Guided Tour Arena is included. The Colosseum ticket skip-the-line is also guaranteed. Visitors will end the tour by going to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum in autonomy.

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